Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bill Clinton and Mother Teresa

Day 4: Rosaje  – Peja 
Time: 2:56:03 
Distance: 49.72 km
Average Speed 16.9 km/h

We avoided the worst of the rain today with a bus transfer to Rosaje. We then started the 15km climb towards the Kosovo border which had an altitude of over 1800m in the snow. The way up was great as we were surrounded by Christmas trees and snow. Despite the snow it was quite warm out with blue skies. There was also very little traffic on the road. As soon as we passed the Montenegro border checkpoint we descended into an area of very dense fog. Our visibility was very poor (maybe only a few metres) and I started to question whether cycling up here was such a good idea. On top of that it was freezing cold. I put all my spare pairs of socks on my hands to provide some protection from the wind. After about 10km at the Kosovo border one of the  guards asked us how much money we had and how many days we planned on staying in Kosovo. He then said we needed to return to Montenegro. He was joking. Another few kms of hairpin bends holding the brakes and we were on the flat again. We rolled into the town of Peja and got a place to stay almost straight away. There are a lot of Muslims living here which might explain why we couldn't find any bars. There's also a street named after Bill Clinton and a statue of Mother Teresa.

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  1. Che dire? bravi, bravi, bravi. E dura anche in macchina