Monday, April 15, 2013

Lake Ohrid

Day 8: Kichevo  – Ohrid 
Time: 3:16:28
Distance: 62.42 km
Average Speed 19 km/h

The town that we stayed in was undergoing a lot of road works so maybe it wasn't the best time to visit. They had a huge food market which we visited before breakfast. Another 20km climb awaited us as soon as we left Kichevo today but only the last 4-5km were steep. The rest of the road was easy though we also had to contend with a headwind. Ohrid is the main tourist town of Macedonia but it's off season so the crowds aren't too bad. We had a few beers in the hostel and then went out to a few bars and a club. Tomorrow we'll take a day off to see the town a bit more.

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