Monday, April 15, 2013


Day 10: Ohrid  – Elbasan 
Time: 6:01:50
Distance: 121.6 km
Average Speed 20.1 km/h

The first 27km along the shores of Lake Ohrid were some of the best of the trip, as good as the Bay of  Kotor. The narrow road had very little traffic and hugged the shoreline most of the way. It also included 2 10% climbs. Once we crossed into Albania (I learned today that the Albanians call it  Shqipëria) we only had one big climb and the rest of the day was mostly downhill. We are being treated  like celebrities again similar to when we were in Kosovo. All the kids on the street are waving and cheering us on as we pass by. Every few km a man with a fish tank on the side of the road takes a big fish out as we pass and tries to sell it to us. Albania may be the cheapest country of the trip. We paid only 35 cent for a Machiato today. Tonight we'll stay in Elbasan.

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