Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Stonewalls, Mosques and More Of Bill Clinton

Day 5: Peja  – Pristina 
Time: 3:36:57
Distance: 81.94 km
Average Speed 22.6 km/h

After a Spaghetti Bolognese breakfast (€1.80) we started out for the capital Pristina. We passed a lot of farmhouses along the way plus a lot of buildings that were in ruins. For the first time in my life I saw Connemara style stone walls with a Mosque in the background. The roads were lined with people selling stones and slates. At the halfway point we stopped for a Macchiato (50 cent is the going rate) and shortly after the 2 lane highway we were on turned into a dual carriageway. Here Nico suffered his 3rd puncture of the trip. The roads coming into Pristina were covered in mud because of all the construction going on in the area coating the bikes and our clothes. Passing into Pristina you see a statue of Bill Clinton with an American flag. The American flag is seen on many of the Kosovan buildings alongside the Albanian and Kosovan National flags. The streets of Pristina are the most crowded of any on the trip so far being mostly students.


  1. Looks like a class experience...all the best!!
    Dont forget your cycle trip to Letterkenny some evening.

  2. Thanks, will try Letterkenny again sometime. Not sure if I'd make 236km in 1 evening tho.

  3. Bob l'éponge est partout!