Friday, April 5, 2013


Day 0: Dublin  – Dubrovnik 

After the luggage conveyor belt stopped we started to worry about where our bikes were. The woman from lost and found had a look behind the belt in the storage area. After a few minutes she came back to say there were no bikes on the Dublin plane. I was panicking inside trying to think of something to do in Dubrovnik for the next few days while we waited for the bikes to arrive from Ireland. As she was filling in the lost bike report a middle aged man with glasses appeared with the bikes on a trolley muttering something in Croatian. We were out of there. Trip on!
Our taxi went up and down hill all the way from the airport which makes me a little nervous about tomorrow.   The bikes are assembled and we'll have a few beers in Dubrovnik tonight to gain energy for tomorrows trip to Montenegro.

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