Friday, April 19, 2013

Back in Kotor

Day 13: Shkodra  – Kotor 
Time: 5:48:39
Distance: 110.24 km
Average Speed: 18.9 km/h

Of all the cities we have visited in the last few weeks Shkodra has the most bikes. The city has a long pedestrian street with many bars that was full of people walking up and down all evening. We arrived at our 2nd last border crossing and once again passed through with no problems. The border crossings had worried me a bit before the trip but there were never any problems. My passport is covered in stamps from them. The other concern was about whether these countries would be safe to travel in. Every night we've walked around and been made feel welcome by locals and I've never felt in any danger. They are usually a bit surprised that we are covering so much ground by bike and a lot of the time they ask us our views on their country. The Shkodra to Kotor route passed Bar and Budva, 2 other Montenegrin tourist towns on the coast which made for a beautiful day of cycling with the sun shining and views of the Adriatic to my left. It was tough too. We had around 5 or 6 200m climbs to make which gradually wears you down. Kotor is now my favourite city in the Balkans and last night we had a big party on the street outside the hostel drinking Raki (homemade Montenegrin brandy), Montenegrin wine and beer. We then moved on to a pub called Evergreen where you can get 2 pints and 2 shots for just 4 euro. Most places sell pints for less than 2 euro here. Tomorrow is another rest day and then we have a 80km cycle to Dubrovnik to finish the trip.

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