Monday, April 8, 2013

From The Old Capital To The New Capital

Day 3: Cetinje  – Podgorica 
Time: 1:46:02
Distance: 37.63 km
Average Speed 21.3 km/h

We made the short cycle to the capital in under 2 hours. We journey was much more scenic than yesterday and the snow capped mountains in the distance made us fear the road ahead a little. Cetinje, the old capital is quite a nice town and we spent the morning looking at the old embassies and what looked like a monastery. Podgorica is a very different place and looks very much the stereotypical Eastern European city from films such as "Eurotrip". A lot of the buildings seem to be crumbling and nobody seems to cut the grass in the town parks. We took a good look around since most of the day was free because of such a short cycle. Tonight is our last drinking Nikšićko for a while since we will cross the border to Kosovo tomorrow.

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