Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Longest Day

Day 7: Skopje  – Kichevo 
Time: 7:31:42
Distance: 133.48 km
Average Speed 17.7 km/h

We were out late with some people we met from the hostel drinking Skopsko, Lasko (beers) and Raki (Macedonian Brandy) so our start time was about 12.30 today. We spent a few minutes retracing our steps of the night before. The Irish bar St. Patrick, the bridges with about 50 statues and Macedonia Square with a giant statue of Alexander the Great. Our hostel owner told us that none of these buildings and statues were here 3 years ago. What they've built so far is impressive. It's still a work in progress and once they finish it should look amazing.
A few km outside Skopje we visited Matka Canyon adding an extra 10km to the trip but it was worth it.
The first 60km were flat on great roads so we didn't stop until Tetovo for a foodstop of chicken kebabs. The next 30km were on the old road from Tetovo to Gostivar. Then the climbing started. 20km up to a height of 1200m. The descent was tricky since it was so dark but we had lights on our bike so we could just about make out where we were going. We are staying in the first hotel we saw in the town centre. There seems to be about 100 rooms but I think we are the only guests.

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