Thursday, April 11, 2013

The General

Day 6: Pristina  – Skopje 
Time: 3:55:57 
Distance: 91.28 km
Average Speed 23.2 km/h

An English girl in our hostel dorm was eating crisps or something at 3 in the morning. She started again at 8 waking me again so I went for a walk around Pristina. Tonight earplugs. The first 40km from Pristina were just industrial areas. After that we passed through valleys alongside a river and railway line. The border crossings took only about 15 minutes and the scenery got even better as we entered Macedonia. On arrival in Skopje we saw on the TV that some general has been let out of jail for war crimes after 8 years in prison in The Hague. The town is crowded with flagwaving Macedonians. The man has returned to a heroes welcome it seems which hopefully means that the pubs will be crowded. The last 4 towns have been dead each night so we're optimistic.

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