Sunday, April 7, 2013

Explosions In The Hills

Day 2: Kotor  – Cetinje 
Time: 3:37:01
Distance: 53.04 km
Average Speed 14.6 km/h

As soon as we left the city walls Nico noticed a flat back tire. Fixing this (aswell as staying in the Maximus niteclub until 4am) meant we started our journey at 1.30. This was the first of many problems for Nico today. His rack fell of the bike after around 10km and his back tire exploded just after Budva. Luckily he was carrying a spare. We took the 1.6km Tunnel Vrmac out of Kotor. After about 15km we reached the town of Budva. Then the serious climbing started. The climbs are some of the longest I have ever ridden. A strong wind didn't help things. I'd have to admit I didn't enjoy the day too much. Climbing in the wind with bleak scenery, only rocks everywhere wasn't fun. We stopped in Cetinje but had planned to go to the capital Podgorica. The owner of the hotel in Cetinje poured us 2 glasses of local  schnapps as soon as we arrived.

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